Proposal Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

Each year, the Blaustein, Hirschhorn and Rosenberg foundations award over 500 grants across a variety of program areas and geographic locations. Before submitting a request, please read about their specific priorities under each foundation's page and Frequently Asked Questions to determine if there is a potential fit for your organization.

Nonprofit Status
Grantees must be nonprofit organizations with tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, organized and operated for charitable purposes. Organizations with fiscal sponsors or agents are also eligible to apply.

Geographic Location
Each foundation has a different set of geographic priorities. The information provided on each foundation page describes its program areas, funding priorities and geographic focus.

The foundations do not provide support for:

  • Grants or scholarships to individuals
  • Unsolicited proposals for academic, scientific or medical research
  • Direct mail, annual giving and membership campaigns, special events and fundraising events

The foundations make a small number of capital grants, generally only when there is an established relationship with the applicant organization.

Guidelines for Proposals and Letters of Intent

Each of the foundations meets independently two or three times a year to consider requests.  Letters of inquiry and proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Each of the foundations will consider requests for general support as well as project proposals.

The letter of inquiry [LOI] serves to provide enough information to determine if a full proposal would be considered for funding. Please feel free to use this as a first step in determining whether to submit a full proposal. Or submit a full proposal if you prefer.

You should address your letter of inquiry or proposal to the foundation whose areas of interest most closely matches your organization or program. If you need assistance in deciding which foundation within the Blaustein Philanthropic Group to apply to, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Your application will be acknowledged via email within three weeks of receipt.

Your submission should include the following information and be emailed or mailed to the Program Officer of the foundation to which you are applying: