Reporting Instructions

Who Must Submit a Report?

  • If your organization received a grant from any of the foundations in the Blaustein Philanthropic Group, you are responsible for submitting a brief narrative and financial report at the end of the grant period.
  • If you received a multi-year grant, please refer to your grant agreement letter for details on the timing of your annual and final reports. In general, the report is due twelve months after the award date.
  • If you are seeking renewed support for activities previously funded and it is easier to combine the report with a renewal request, please feel free to do so. We recommend checking in with your program officer at least three to four months before the end of your current grant term to determine timing of any renewal submission.
  • If your organization currently holds an endowment created or contributed to by one or more of the foundations in the group, you are responsible for reporting annually on endowment performance and the use of endowment funds. For endowment performance, please include opening balance, contributions, income, realized and unrealized gains, distributions, and current market value. For use of funds, please use the reporting guidelines below.

Reporting Guidelines

You must submit both a narrative and financial report. We do not have a standardized reporting format. You may submit your report in any format you wish, if you include the following information (in whatever order works for you):


  • Name, address, phone and website address of your organization
  • Name, title, phone and email address of contact person
  • Changes in key staff and/or Board, if applicable
  • Progress Report: Please refer to the goals and objectives in your initial proposal and describe the extent to which you made progress toward achieving these goals. If your grant was for general support, please refer to your organization's overall goals and objectives for the grant period.
  • Be as specific as possible about activities carried out under the terms of the grant. Please specify outcomes and the concrete evaluation measures used to determine these outcomes. If implementation or outcomes differed from what was expected or proposed, please explain these changes and how they might affect future activities.

Financial report:

  • You may report according to the actual grant period, or according to your fiscal year. Please clearly indicate which dates you are using.
  • For a general support grant please include your total institutional budget. For a program or project grant please include the total institutional budget as well as the total program or project budget. It is not necessary to allocate this specific grant to budget line items on either the institutional or program or project budgets.
  • For income, please show major funding sources, including name and amounts. For expenditures, please show clearly expenses for fundraising, administration, and program.
  • Applicants are encouraged to provide a short narrative that explains significant changes from your original proposal in the organization's operating budget, or other financial line items that may be unclear.
  • If applicable, please include information on how the program will be sustained once the grant period is completed.
  • Include your most recent audit or 990 form and/or annual report if updated since submitting your original request for support.