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The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation promotes social justice and human rights through its five program areas: Jewish life, strengthening Israeli democracy, health and mental health, educational opportunity, and human rights. Support is provided to organizations in the United States and abroad. Please refer to each program area for specific geographic focus.

The Foundation supports organizations that promote systemic change, involve constituents in planning and decision-making, encourage volunteer and professional development and engage in ongoing program evaluation.

Jewish Life 
The goal of this program is to keep Judaism meaningful, compelling and responsive to contemporary concerns.  Funding is provided primarily in North America to programs that are national in scope.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • engage the Jewish community in social justice efforts
  • further progressive and inclusive approaches to Judaism
  • promote positive relations between Jews and members of other ethnic groups

The Foundation supports policy research, education, community organizing, innovative service provision, leadership development, and dialogue.

Recent grantees include:

Avodah: The Jewish Service Corps offers full time placements at social change organizations to young adult volunteers in New York, New Orleans, Chicago and Washington DC. Living in shared housing, the fellows integrate their day to day activism with Jewish learning and community building.

Hazon works to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community through food programs that explore the link between kashrut, social justice, and healthy eating, and bike rides that raise funds for environmental programs in Israel and the United States.

The American Jewish Committee, with offices across the globe, works to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred through advocacy, education, dialogue, and publications.

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Strengthening Israeli Democracy 
The goal of this program is to strengthen Israel as a democratic, equitable, sustainable, and pluralistic society.

Areas of focus include:

  • Building shared society between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel
  • Promoting higher education and workforce integration for Israel’s ethnic minorities
  • Protecting and sustaining the environment
  • Ensuring civil and human rights, including freedom of religious expression

There is a geographic focus on the Negev, a historically underdeveloped part of Israel.

Recent grantees include:

Adam Teva V’Din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense) works to ensure the fundamental right of all Israelis to a safe, clean and livable environment, through litigation, policy advocacy, and public education.

AJEEC-NISPAD, based in Israel's Negev region, works to strengthen active citizenship through education and economic empowerment. Programs promote volunteerism, early childhood education, health, workforce development, and Jewish-Arab partnership and coexistence.

The Israel Religious Action Center of the Reform Movement engages in research, litigation, and education to promote religious freedom and equitable resource allocation for non-Orthodox Jews in Israel.

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Health and Mental Health  
The goal of this program is to promote quality health and mental health care for underserved individuals.  There is a geographic focus on Baltimore.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • address the health and mental health needs of low-income children and seniors through sustainable programs designed to meet service gaps
  • support local and national advocacy and public policy initiatives to ensure access to quality care for low-income families
  • address environmental health issues

The Foundation supports innovative service provision in community-based settings, programs using evidence-based practices, and professional development.

Recent grantees include:

Recognizing that social and emotional well-being are critical to student achievement, Community Conferencing Center, the Holistic Life Foundation and the Center for Supportive Schools provide programming designed to improve school climate and promote positive relationships among all members of a school community.

Through the Faith Community Health Network and its legislative advocacy, the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative seeks to ensure that all Marylanders have access to quality health care so that there are improved health outcomes for all communities.

The Maryland Environmental Health Network brings together advocates from the environment and health sectors to educate the public about environmental threats to health and formulate solutions to those problems.

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Educational Opportunity  
The goal of this program is to ensure that low-income children and families have access to quality education and cultural opportunities. There is a geographic focus on Baltimore.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • strengthen public education, with an emphasis on improving instruction and school leadership
  • support local advocacy and policy initiatives that advance quality education for all
  • nurture high-quality community arts programs that engage diverse audiences

The Foundation generally does not provide support for individual public, parochial or independent schools.

Recent grantees include:

Teachers are the single most important school-based influence on a child's learning. Urban Teachers and Teach for America support and prepare new teachers to serve in Baltimore City Public Schools and succeed in this challenging urban environment.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland monitors implementation of an agreement between the Baltimore City Public School System and the State of Maryland that promises Baltimore children access to an adequate and equitable education.

Young Audiences of Maryland provides opportunities for Baltimore City children to participate in the creation and appreciation of art as a means of engaging them in school and promoting academic achievement.

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Human Rights 
The goal of this program is to advance fundamental human rights.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • advance women’s rights
  • protect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers
  • support leadership development, capacity building and training across a range of issue areas

With the exception of its program in Israel, the Foundation primarily makes grants to organizations based in the United States whose work addresses the rights of people in the Global South. It is rare for the Foundation to make a grant for a specific project or organization outside of the United States.

Recent grantees include:

The Center for Reproductive Rights uses the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are obligated to protect, respect and fulfill.

The Tahirih Justice Center, located in Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Houston, provides legal advocacy to immigrant and refugee women and girls fleeing gender based violence.

The Fund for Global Human Rights provides financial support to local and regional human rights organizations in countries around the world.  The Fund works to identify and fill the gaps in human rights funding, and to develop strategic ways of helping human rights defenders expand the scope and impact of their work.

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Contact Us 
Michael J. Hirschhorn: President
Betsy F. Ringel: Executive Director
Lara A. Hall: Senior Program Officer; Educational Opportunity, Health and Mental Health
Brenda Bodenheimer Zlatin: Senior Program Officer; Jewish Life, Israel, Human Rights

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