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Applying For A Grant

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Q. Must my proposal be addressed to a specific foundation?
A. The Blaustein Philanthropic Group consists of a number of foundations that represent different branches of the Blaustein family. Each foundation makes its decisions independently. The information under The Foundations should help you to determine the best match between your program and foundation priorities.
Q. My program appears to fit the priorities of more than one foundation. Can you help me determine which foundation might be interested in my proposal?
A. If you would like help in understanding the program priorities of the different foundations, you are welcome to contact our staff by email or telephone.
Q. May I send the same proposal to more than one foundation?
A. Yes, you may send the same proposal to more than one foundation. In addition, if your proposal is not addressed to the most appropriate foundation, we may internally refer it to another foundation within the Blaustein Philanthropic Group. However, it can be more useful to contact our staff to discuss where your proposal should be directed.
Q. My organization implements many different programs. May I apply to different foundations for different projects of the same organization?
A. Yes. We recommend you contact our staff to discuss if multiple submissions are appropriate.
Q. Do the foundations accept general support requests?
A. All of the foundations will consider proposals for general support, as long as the work of the applicant organization fits with the program priorities and geographic focus of the particular foundation.
Q. To whom should I address my proposal?
A. Please address your proposal to the President of the foundation to which you are applying. Please see our Contact Us section for details.
Q. Do you require a letter of intent?
A. It is not necessary to submit a letter of intent. We want our initial application process to be as easy as possible. If you have already prepared a proposal on your program, by all means send it to us. Please indicate that you are sending a letter of intent rather than a full proposal.
Q. May I submit my proposal via fax or e-mail?
A. Your proposal may be mailed to our offices in Baltimore, MD, or emailed to
Q. Will receipt of my application materials be acknowledged?
A. Yes. You will receive an email confirmation or letter within three weeks of the date we receive the proposal.
Q. Are there application deadlines?
A. Consult with the appropriate program officer to determine specific dates of submission. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
Q. What will happen if one of the foundations is interested in additional information about my organization or program?
A. A staff member will contact you and will ask you to submit additional materials.
Q. When will I hear from you regarding my application?
A. Each foundation meets two or three times a year. Sometimes, grant applications are held over from one foundation meeting to the next for budgetary or other reasons. In this case, foundation staff will notify you. If you have not heard from us within six months, feel free to contact our office.
Q. What is the typical grant award?
A. The size of grant awards varies across the foundations. Please refer to the most recent list of grants located on each foundation’s page on this site to get a sense of its typical grant award.
Q. I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?
A. Please send your question to or contact us by phone.
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